The Indestructible Word of God

The Indestructible Word of God

The Indestructible Word of God

by Sister Karen Ewell

It was a cold winter day in January, 1987. My clunker car, which I’d affectionately named “The Old Bomb”, was stuck in the supermarket parking lot, refusing to start. As I turned the key one final time, a cloud of white smoke came billowing out from under the hood, so I got out of the car to see what was going on. A construction worker perched on the scaffolding of a nearby building yelled, “Get away from there – your car’s on fire!”  Unbeknownst to me, there was a river of gasoline flowing from under the car, which quickly ignited. True to its name, “The Old Bomb” exploded into flames shortly after I ran through the supermarket doors. I watched in dismay as the local volunteer fire department came to the rescue, bashing out the windshield and side windows, tearing off the hood with a hooked pole, and turning my car into a swimming pool on wheels. Once the firefighters had made an exit, I went out to survey the damage. Everything in the front seat was destroyed – everything except my King James Bible. Although it smelled like smoke, it was completely dry, and untouched by the flames. It truly gave meaning to the Bible verse, “Heaven and earth shall pass away, by MY WORDS shall never pass away”

(Matthew 24:35).


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